Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh, I'm Just Piddling...

Years ago, I remember reading an article about how men and women are different...Really? I did not see that coming... Anyway, one example given was the differences in how they shop. Women browse, while men "bag" the object of their desire and leave.

Well, newsflash, the differences do not stop there. The other day I'm piddling around in the yard...My husband is watching me and begins to "organize" my work for me...

Pops -"Why don't you put everything in one container instead of walking back and forth."

Me -"Cuz, I'm just piddling around..."

Pops -" Yeah, but if you just put all this in that, you could just make one trip.."

Me -"Yeah, but I'm just piddling ...

Pops -"What???"

Me " I'm not trying to organize a work load; I'm off; this is my leisure time...I'm just piddling around!"

To the male of the species, I leave the definition of "Piddle" - verb.
When the female of the species aimlessly browses around the yard or a room, ...looking at this...moving that....then going back to rearrange it all again... To piddle, piddling!

Please be advised that it is recommended that the female not be interrupted during this activity. As unorganized and random as it appears, she is relaxing.


  1. Finally, a definition of what I love to do most! That is a great post! Thanks Mops! Happy Sunday!

  2. And who wants to be (1) interrupted and/or (2) organized when they're just piddllin'!!!

    Love your way of relaxing.

  3. So happy to hear I'm not the only one who loves to piddle!
    Jane, I couldn't agree more!!! :)

  4. whoaa...what observation...
    cool post... so light and so very true :)

  5. Sounds like you should try to get this into the dictionary!

  6. Dear One, Hello from Home Haven Ministry!
    So glad you came by for a visit. Appreciate you becoming one of my followers. Hope you'll come by often and say hey!

    From one Deanna to another, God richly bless you.

    I'd like to come back to your blog! Like your music you've got playing on here. Our a very very very fine house, with two cats in the use to be so hard. Now everything is easy cause of youuuuuu. I luvd this song years ago and still like it!

    Talk to you soon,

  7. I guess I love to piddle too! At least, I am always jumping from one thing to another, and not really getting anything done!

    I came to your blog from Conservative Black Woman. She makes a lot of sense.

  8. Oh I love to piddle. In fact, that's my plan for the entire day. Piddling. Of course, I piddle a little around the house, then I blog a bit. Then I piddle some more, then I blog a bit. Then I pay attention to Sloane and her play date. Then I piddle some more. Love it!

  9. Southern: It was good to hear from you. I haven't seen you around for a couple of days. Glad you are back!


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