Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Thanksgiving Challenge

Hello, America, from Nerd Central.
In the midst of my family,
I miss them.

I miss my bloggy friends.
Boo Hoo...
I miss my friend friends...
sniff, sniff...

However, it is Thanksgiving...
Happy, Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I can not remember ever being so excited about this holiday.
I think the older we become,
the more thankful we become.

Please let it be known,
I am so thankful...
my family,
my new job,
an awesome boss,
this beautiful season,
  wonderful work friends,
 faithful friends,
our military,
our nation,

The list could and should go on and on,
there is one more project due,
one last PowerPoint.

I leave you with something beautiful,
and a challenge.

"We can do no great things,
only small things with great love..." 
Mother Teresa 

Look around you, 
Embrace this day,
Your life and breath,
Your place in this world.

Look around and really see your life.
Determine to make your corner of the world
because you are there...

Be present,
Do your small things with great love...
they matter!
 Happy Thanksgiving with love to all...
Internet hugs all around

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crunch Time...

OK, OK, OK...
It is officially crunch time.
Four more projects:
Research Paper,
Another Research Paper,

Not to mention:
Posts to complete,

Last time I checked, I still have a job and family.
Last time I checked...

Whose idea was this anyway?

Oh yeah,

My bad, continue on...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009


                                            Happy Halloween....

                           Just Remember.....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

~ The Truth about Success ~


He has achieved success
who has lived well,
laughed often, and loved much;
who has enjoyed the trust of
pure women,
the respect of intelligent men and
the love of little children;
who has filled his niche and accomplished his task;
who has left the world better than he found it
whether by an improved poppy,
a perfect poem or a rescued soul;
who has never lacked appreciation of Earth's beauty
or failed to express it;
who has always looked for the best in others and
given them the best he had;
whose life was an inspiration;
whose memory a benediction.

~1904 Bessie Anderson Stanley ~

I love this poem.
I love its simplicity...
It is often wrongly attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson.
However, I have included portions of a letter from Bethanne,
a relative of Bessie's, that tells the story behind the poem,
which is equally intriguing.

 "I was named for Bessie (Elisabeth Anne) and my gram always said I look very much like her. She died before I was born, so I never knew her, but the family is unanimous in saying she was the very definition of a warm and wonderful woman. My uncle Gene says she was the perfect grandmother. She was one of those people whose house was always full of guests, family, and neighbors all running in and out. She loved poetry and taking care of people and had a gorgeous iris garden, which was her favorite place.


Success was written as the winning entry in a contest run by Brown Book Magazine in 1904. Bessie won a cash prize of $250 which paid off the mortgage on the house, among other things. It was included in Bartlett's Book of Quotations for decades, and if you can find an old edition from the 30's or 40's, it should be in there. They dropped it, I think in the 60's, but I don't know why.

 The family isn't sure how the poem got mangled and attributed to Emerson, but it was further confused by Ann Landers and her sister Abby. Ann Landers used to (mis)quote it all the time and cite Emerson as the source. My great-uncle Art, a retired federal judge who died last March, and she had a decade-long correspondence as he argued for a public correction. She finally conceded and in her book, The Ann Landers Encyclopedia, prints the whole story.

 I think it's a beautiful poem, too. From what I've been told about her, it delineates her character perfectly. She lived what she wrote. And in these days, with our obsession for the material going full throttle, it's good to be reminded that true success is not measured in portfolios, stock options, or bank balances."

This information is from Robin at


Monday, October 19, 2009

The Sweetest Day.... Happy Anniversary to the Newlyweds.....

The best things in life are nearest: 
Breath in your nostrils,
light in your eyes,
flowers at your feet,
duties at your hand,
the path of right just before you. 
Then do not grasp at the stars, 
but do life's plain, common work as it comes, 
certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life.  
~Robert Louis Stevenson

To my sweet things,
I love you.
Happy Anniversary!
Two years,
where did the time go?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want. ~Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

Just a quick post before someone,
I took a break!

Left the PowerPoint
the bodacious headache it has induced.

Conveniently forgot the unfinished paper,
wwhhat paper???? 

Closed the books,
just for one minute...

I just need a snack;
I wanna pork out
on Halloween candy...

(Hmmm, probably a side effect of the recent viral illness?
Oink, oink, exxcccuse me,
don't know where that came from!)

that's sure to cure what ails me.
Candy corn, peanut butter taffy,
fall is good....
and sweet...
Yes, it is.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

QUARANTINED....CORDON SANITAIRE " (French) A barrier between a potential source of infection (me) and a susceptible population (you). "

 And so the story goes...
One day while I was minding my own business,
It crept up on me....

Ugly little booger....
It actually looks more like this.

 Although, I prefer this next photograph.
It's much more revealing...

in retrospect perhaps
in addition to the mask, gloves and gown;
I should have borrowed a few items from folklore...

 Silver bullets,
werewolves hate em...

  A little garlic,
it works against vampires...

 As it is
I'm treating my symptoms.
Wrapping up for the chills and fever.

Drinking soup, lots of liquid,
ingesting tylenol, motrin, psuedofed,
with a side of cough syrup...

I really haven't had much of an appetite.

The cough, the headache,
 I've seen better days.

Whoa, now, don't be so judgmental...

No need to panic.

or storm the castle walls...


 I'm quarantined
for your safety.


(Clearly, I am feeling better
have too much time on my hands....)

Have a germ free and happy October!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Quick summation of a rather , hmmm, annoying week....

1) Got my flu shot...I was very brave. I asked for child life to support me during this difficult time and everyone thought I was kidding? Imagine that? Then, no prize, no sticker; well, I was.....disappointed. I mean I was good, no one had to hold me down. Sniff, sniff, sometimes being an adult stinks.

2) What, and I mean WHAT, was in the air this week with all the cranky and less than appreciative parents?

This trend of grumpiness seemed to appear everywhere I went...In Goodwill two angry mothers yelled and cussed in front of their two innocent wide eyed children and the equally innocent and wide eyed patrons.  Sprinkling the F word loudly and rudely into the air, over and over and over again... I wanted to say something but I figured since she was going to F-ing beat the #*#!! out of who ever was on the phone and the other lady who kept grabbing the phone was gonna help, perhaps I better keep my opinions about their language and parenting habits to myself...Yes, sometimes, I am a coward...

3) When you go to the hospital or doctors office, please realize the nurses and doctors are working as fast as they can. We do not have it in for you! Seriously! Sometimes we will treat the extremely ill before giving your child their immunizations. However, if that extremely sick child were yours wouldn't you like the same consideration?.....Just a thought...

4) Really people, quit acting like a bunch of hillbillies!!! Our culture has become so coarse. Is this necessary? Your nasty choice of adjectives does not impress me, your lack of kindness toward our children does not impress me, bullies have never impressed me. Grow up and mind your manners please!

5) Throw in 2 late clinics, no sleep, school work and
and I guess that 'bout sums up the week.

Thoughts on Life:

1) Yes, I have them...

2) Someday we are all going to be old. If you body slam your 4 year old on the table because you are tired of waiting, jerk down their pants and yell, "Get ready, this is gonna hurt..." I wonder is this the type of treatment you will wish to receive when you are older, smaller, frailer and infirm from your grown child? Hmmm....

3) Try and be a good parent...Would you go to work vomiting or with a 102 degree fever? Yet, you send your children to school to infect the rest of humanity until the school nurse calls you to come pick them up. Then, you bring them to the clinic. Really, moms, dads, this is not rocket science! Were we all not instructed to treat others as we would like to be treated, especially the least of these....our children, our future...

4) Everybody should get a boo boo pop, a sticker, or a prize after a shot, just saying....but the freezy spray did help. Thanks :)

Parents Of The Week Award:

Yes, they are out there....

Lastly, to the older mom who came in with her toddler and had every, and I mean every, piece of paper pertaining to her child in a binder. I could have cried. It really was touching. You were so happy to be a mom and obviously so in love with your child. Daddy came in later and they said it might just be a minute before they could leave the room because they wanted to comfort little one after his shots. Thank you for giving me hope during a dark week. You, my dears, receive the Parents Of The Week Award!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sleep in Peace...

Have courage for the great sorrows of life
and patience for the small ones;
and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task,
go to sleep in peace.
God is awake.

Victor Hugo

Have a beautiful, restful weekend...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Don't Go There Any More.....

Sorrow is a complex emotion.
Sometimes, it is just too heavy to carry.
So we put it someplace,
and we leave it there,
for safe keeping,
for a time.
Until we are strong enough to pick it up again.

 Mother died two years ago,
two deep, dark years ago.
My mother in law, Grandmother, died last year.
Where has the time gone?
Where did it slip away to,
like sand between my fingers.

Grandmother was one of ,"The Greatest Generation."
 She was sweet and amazing,
but oh, so strong.
You don't watch and wait through Great Depressions
and World Wars
and emerge weak.

She was beautiful, loving, soft and warm;
oh, so comforting...
She was a blessing.

I have not been back to Grandmother's house;
I can't.
In my mind she is still in her favorite chair,
waiting for the football game to begin.
Go Cocks!

If I go and crack the back door
and call her name,
I'll give her just a minute,
then I will see her coming around the corner of the kitchen,
slow but sure.

I keep her there,
in her house,
in her chair.
Life without her will hurt a lot.
I can not pick up this pain right now.
So, I keep her
right there...

I know this is not real;
I know she is not there;
but for now it helps.
And life moves along...

I know when I finally go by the house,
the myth will be shattered.
So I do not go.
I do not go.
Not yet...

Monday, September 7, 2009

School, Work, Flu, Labor Day, and Taxes....Yep, that about covers it!

OK, OK, I confess,
I've been blog hopping, reading, and visiting...
just a tad.
Catching up on my peeps,
while school work looms heavily over my shoulder.

There is a more descriptive word for this behavior,
And I am darn good at it!
However, in the words of Miss Scarlett,
"Tomorrow is another day..."
 Thank goodness!

 Tomorrow, actually is a holiday.
Labor Day,
a day to honor the American laborer.
And one thing is for certain...
I am a laborer!

The last two weeks the flu has begun to rear its ugly head,
with a vengeance,
I'm bone tired...

We have commemorated it's arrival with new attire;
we look something like this...

Yellow gown,
face mask,
goggles or glasses,
just a bit haggard...

There is a mask for me
and one for you...
It's a little hard to breathe,
perhaps that's the point.

Our new slogan,
"Just Don't Breathe!"
Did I mention the yellow gown?
Sometimes they were blue...
The kids loved them...


thank you to all my fellow laborers;
who work tirelessly day in and day out,
 for their families 
and country.
  We appreciate you!

After all,
where would our government be
without your hard earned tax dollars!
Cynical, I know...

Enjoy your day America,
get back to work!
Whining will not be tolerated!

For information on this holiday:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"One Day At A Time " by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day;
begin it well and serenely
and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense.
This day is all that is good and fair.
It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations,
to waste a moment on yesterdays.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Southern Drawl...

This past week at the beach
a young lady looked at Baby Girl and told her she had an "accent."
Where upon my daughter politely responded,
"I know, I get it from my Mama and I'm proud of it!"

You go Baby Girl!
That young'un sure has gumption,
a smart dose of good old fashioned Southern charm,
a perfectly sweet and natural Southern drawl!

Really, though, if the truth be told
we are from the South;
vacationing in the South.

When you venture below the Mason-Dixon line,
be forewarned...
It will be you with the accent!

Hence, the pen name Southern Drawl.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

See Ya Later....Alligator....

These were the small ones!

Good advice,
ya think?

the hillbillies tempt fate...
as usual,
where were these young'uns raised
in a barn?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"A book is a garden carried in your pocket..."

Oh, yeah....
at the beach,
with an awesome book,
The Shack.
Amazing words
of forgiveness
and truth.
The Trinity,
Three in One,
Everlasting Love.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Invisible Blogger...

I am sooo sorry to all my bloggy buddies.
I am still here...
No, right here...
No, not there,
right across from you,
yeah, there...
Partaking at the dinner table of blogville.
Only you can't see me...

I am the...
da da duhhhhhhhh...
Invisible Blogger.

Hiding behind the sunglasses,
wrapped up in a really good book,
suited up for fashion and fun,
gloved in sunblock,
masking my lily white, aging, invisible self...
covered up at the beach!

Yep, I'm still here...
Can't you see me?
Oops, sorry, I forgot,
you can't see me,
hence all the wraps, clothes, glasses, gloves...

Seriously, though,
please do not hurry to find a cure.
This is just a little too fun...