Saturday, October 10, 2009

QUARANTINED....CORDON SANITAIRE " (French) A barrier between a potential source of infection (me) and a susceptible population (you). "

 And so the story goes...
One day while I was minding my own business,
It crept up on me....

Ugly little booger....
It actually looks more like this.

 Although, I prefer this next photograph.
It's much more revealing...

in retrospect perhaps
in addition to the mask, gloves and gown;
I should have borrowed a few items from folklore...

 Silver bullets,
werewolves hate em...

  A little garlic,
it works against vampires...

 As it is
I'm treating my symptoms.
Wrapping up for the chills and fever.

Drinking soup, lots of liquid,
ingesting tylenol, motrin, psuedofed,
with a side of cough syrup...

I really haven't had much of an appetite.

The cough, the headache,
 I've seen better days.

Whoa, now, don't be so judgmental...

No need to panic.

or storm the castle walls...


 I'm quarantined
for your safety.


(Clearly, I am feeling better
have too much time on my hands....)

Have a germ free and happy October!


  1. Hey there!
    D, I hope you are feeling so much better! I have had a rough week being ssseeeccckkk. It's been aweful. Hopefully getting better.

    I don't have swine flu, had my nose swabbed, but have had a terrible cough that aggrivates my asthma and have felt like I was going to expire!

    Almost 2 weeks to the day of having my flu shot, I am horribly more flu shots for me.

    Take care and your post is great,

  2. Oh no, not the dreaded swine flu epidemic! Atleast it is not infecting your sense of humor! Great photos. I love the old horror movie images you picked! Feel better.

  3. You crack me up. Every time.

    Seriously, though. Feel better soon. I'm thinking of you. Really, really thinking of you.


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