Sunday, September 9, 2012

The story of the good, little girl...

Once upon a time,
 there was a good, little girl.
A pretty, petite child, 
who by all accounts,
was sweet too.

 She lived in a castle.
A home fit for a princess,
surrounded by exquisite and beautiful things.
 But she was all alone,
or so it seemed.

in this worldly kingdom,
where love was conditional,
 the good, little girl
 learned to obey, 
and comply.

After all,
conditional love was better than no love.
Was there any other kind?

The good, little girl worked hard
so people would notice.
She was kind
so folks would care.
She aimed to be smart,
so they would be proud.
Being perfect was not so difficult...

And so it was 
that the good, little girl
began her quest for perfection,
for love,
and for acceptance.

it didn't work.
Try as she might,
it did not work.
Perfection was exhausting.
And no one noticed
or cared.

 Love shouldn't hurt but sometimes it did.
Love shouldn't be conditional,
but it was.
The good, little girl was confused.
She felt used, insignificant and worthless.

God who created the whole world 
and the good, little girl 
noticed her,
and chose her for His own.

She was His princess and He loved her.
He nurtured, guided and cared for her,
because He was proud of her,
and in Him she was perfect
just the way she was....

The End