Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Story of the poem..."The Lord will guide you continually." Isaiah 58:11

 Long ago I wanted to have my second baby in a local birthing center but it seems the infant had a different idea, the baby was breech. We did not know if it was a boy or girl due to this positioning, which of course didn't matter. At this time, however, I wanted this baby to turn so I could go to the birthing center and leave in 24 hours. Instead I faced the very real possibility of a cesarean. I prayed, elevated my hips, everything I could think of...but this baby would not and did not budge. As an experienced labor and delivery nurse, I knew that the closer I got to the due date the odds decreased dramatically that the baby would have room to turn.

Finally we went to the mountains on vacation. I had prayed and prayed when finally it hit me...maybe there was a reason I wasn't supposed to be at the birthing center. It was right across the street from the hospital but God knows everything. While in the mountains I found a poem by Perry Tanksley that I kept for years...God sends His best to those who leave the choices up to Him. I committed at that time to leave the choice up to Him. When I returned home the doctors asked if the baby had turned. I said, "No." Only once had I felt anything unusual. I was crossing the street and literally doubled over with a cramp. It had only lasted a second. Well as it 'turns' out the baby had indeed repositioned herself. I believe that was the beginning of learning to trust and surrender. I have since passed on the poem to our second daughter for her tough times. Her birth and presence in our lives has certainly been a testament to the poem; God does indeed "send His best to those who leave the choices up to Him."

Recently, while Christmas shopping, I found a new and encouraging piece of poetry by Perry Tanksley. As with so many across the country, this Christmas was lean. However, it ended up being one of the most fun! The poem below is called These Days Are Stepping Stones. I selfishly bought it as years before I had purchased the other. God uses many things, people, moments, verses, to remind us of His presence and omnipotence. I so appreciate these reminders that encourage me to rest in His plan. Therefore, take heart America, come what may we are 'held' so tightly in His hands that we are engraved on His palms. Rest there and know that He will never leave you or forsake you. There is a reason. Knowing and believing this is faith. 

These Days Are Stepping Stones

Someday when we look back
On days that seemed unblessed,
We'll see how God used them
To lead us to life's best.

Someday when we look back
On days when things went wrong,
We'll say, That brought us to
The place where we belong.

Someday when home at last -
Safe in Heaven above,
We'll praise God for dark days
As stepping stones of love.