Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Way We Were or Will be...

This blog many times chronicles the way we were, 
sometimes it reflects the way we are and occasionally it envisions the way we hope to be.

Right now I am entering the last six months of graduate school. If I survive, in December I will graduate with my MSN in Nursing Education! In the meantime, I been besieged by many troubles and distractions.

Now many of you may or may not believe in the spirit realm, but I do. The troubles and distractions I will not elucidate upon at this time. However, the quiet Power which enables me to continue I praise. It is God's grace, strength, and wisdom which will see me through to the end.

To others who are hanging on, depleted, confused, or hurt I offer this reminder. Our Savior, Jesus, prayed for us, for you and me before He ascended into heaven. He has provided us the Comforter to supply us with everything we need...not everything we think we need.

Take heart dear souls in these tough times. He is in control.