Sunday, February 17, 2013

Organization...Not required but suggested

Organization to help 'fix' your life! 


Organizing ourselves is one of the most important keys to productivity.
 However, arranging ourselves and our lives can be quite a task, depending on the number of things that are on your plate! 

Long before I was a nursing instructor, 
I was a home educator with six children, each with a busy life of their own. 
On my plate, I had a job, schoolwork for my degree, schoolwork for the kids, a sick mother, a daughter's wedding, pets, houses, bills, broken cars, and 'a partridge in a pear tree' ...

 I know that I was not then, and am not now, unique in this level of chaos. It seems to invade all  our lives. Thus, organizing has always been a personal quest.

Most students have a great deal on their plates, as do many teachers. 
While this opportunity to create is what drives me as an educator, it seems that there are pieces of me divided between many people, places and things. 

Although it seems I spend a great deal of time in the quest for organization, 
I often feel scattered and unorganized.  
My mind is constantly going and going like the Energizer Bunny, 
but on the outside I probably resemble this bunny a bit more.

Wouldn't it be great to be so organized at the end of the day 
that even if I didn't get everything done (imagine that?), 
at least everything would 'stay put' in a holding pattern somewhere, 
along with everything else, 
until I decided to pick it up again?

this would help me be able to turn my brain off 
to sleep and relax for awhile... 
(pending I find time to sleep or relax awhile!). 

So, I am once again on an organizational mission, 
only now it seems much more complicated in this digital age.

but what if the very thing which seems to make life even more complicated, 
the digital age, 
could help me? 

Virtually speaking,
 what if I had a place where the random thoughts were organized?
A place where I can put them down, 
as well as, 
pick them up whenever I desire without  'losing' them. 

Well, I am hoping that Evernote and Getting Things Done (GTD) will help with this. 
Here is a video about both these two things. Cute; but does it work? 
We shall see...