Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello's and Goodbye's...

Life can be so funny, sometimes,
not haha funny,
just funny.

I cleaned out my locker in Labor and Delivery.
It was time.
I could not work full-time at the Pediatric Clinic,
go to school full-time,
continue to be a mom, nana, wife, friend,
and work in L&D.

something had to go.
I packed my things.
I said goodbye.

I look back on what has been
with satisfaction,
great appreciation,
and amazement.

So many friends,
so many lives,
so many stories,
so many miracles.

I look forward to what will be
with great anticipation,
and wonder.

A new road,
another path,
a different direction.
New friends,
new stories,
new lives,
new miracles.

Yes, life can be funny sometimes,
not haha funny,
just funny....

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Oh , my , goodness, a quick note to say
yes, I am alive!
Exams for the next couple of weeks.
Going a little c r a z y !!!

Hmmm, since I'm in advanced nursing assessment,
let me assess this situation...

Yep, that about sums it up.
I feel much better now,
thank you.

You have a good day now,
ya hear....

To my bloggy friends...
I will arise to visit again!
When these lovely exams are over.

In the mean time,
I have been working on my
professional image,
as you can see....

Friday, July 17, 2009

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." Shakespere

Between school, work, and home,
I have discovered a new level of fatigue.
Yes, "Exhaustion" is my new middle name.
But that's alright with me.
I kinda like the sound of it...
If you add a french accent it sounds quite elegant,
Ex haus Sion...
Well, OK, maybe not...

Moral of the story...
Hang in there, America,
Don't give up...
I heard 70 people applied for this job!

I guess I'll stick with the "Queen of Scream,"
although the "Princess of Pricks and Pokes" has a nice "sting" to it.
Then again, perhaps something simple like, "The Evil One" would be best.
It's fitting.

Today a little fellow that had received shots last week came in with his baby brother,
I didn't recognize him at first...

That's right I stick small people with needles, inflicting pain and suffering, only to forget the little angels later.

Yes, it's a sick, sick pun intended...

Anyway, I noticed that he kept looking at me funny and
he wouldn't follow his Mom into the room.
Then I realized why...
poor thing...
He looked like some frightened little animal trying desperately to evade a predator.

Finally, he slowly inched into the room only to climb into a cabinet and hide!
How sad is that!
Small children now shudder at the sight of me and hide!!!

Yes, disney villians everywhere,
so sorry,
but you have just been ousted by a nurse with a needle!


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sometimes as you visit around you happen upon such a gem of exquisite beauty that it leaves you speechless...breathless...incredulous that the human condition could produce such musings...Enjoy....

What I believe:

I believe in Jehovah God who created the whirling galaxies, the birds soaring in the sky overhead, the endless crashing waves and all that dances within them. I believe in Father of all who knits together life, made in His very own image, in the secret quiet of our beings.

I believe in Jesus Christ, the One with no earthly Father, with the dust of this earth between His toes, and with our names etched onto the palm of His hands, right beneath the nail scars…Who now sits at the Father’s right hand making endless intercession on our behalf. I believe in the stone rolled away, in the Body being raised, in the first fruits of the dead…and us all following soon, very soon.

I believe in the Cross as our only Hope, our only Claim, and our only Foundation. I believe that in the pounding surf of life we have only one thing to cling to: the feet of our Lord, hanging on that tree, His lifeblood flowing down, washing us whiter than snow.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, moving, whispering, indwelling our very skin. I believe in living by the Spirit, walking in the Spirit, and producing fruit in the Spirit…in the Spirit who helps us in our weakness with groanings that can’t be expressed in words.

I believe in the infallibility of the Bible, God’s Word - a sure Word, a pure Word, the only secure Word. I believe the words on those pages are breathed from the very throne room of heaven, are the love letter penned from the heart of the Lover of our souls; a beacon of light for stumbling feet to find sure footing on a dark path.

I believe there is more than believing. There is living what I believe.

Thus this journal.
~Ann Voskamp

“God is not a belief to which you give your assent. God becomes a reality whom you know intimately, meet everyday, one whose strength becomes your strength, whose love, your love. Live this life of the presence of God long enough and when someone asks you, “Do you believe there is a God?” you may find yourself answering, “No, I do not believe there is a God. I know there is a God.”

~Ernest Boyer, Jr.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Pooped: Bone tired, exhausted...
Honey, Sweetie : My babies, large and small
Pumpkin, Baby, Sugar Foot : My little babes...


Nana will you play with me...
Oh, I'm sorry, Nana's resting, I'm pooped!
You "pooped", Nana?
Hmm, well, maybe not....

Come here, Honey, Nana will fix that...
I'm not Honey, I "N"
Oh, I know, Nana calls the people she loves Honey...

To C.K. as she is leaving...
Bye, Honey, I love you...
"N" to Nana...
Yes, baby you are my Honey...

Wow, how sweet to want all my Honey,
Nobody else cares!

Come here Pumpkin...
Nana, why you say Pumpkin?
'Cos you're my sweet boy...
I call all my sweet, little boys Pumpkin...
T and E and Nate?
No, they're big boys now...
E, you not Nana's Pumpkin,
you too big,
I Nana's Pumpkin 'cos I'm still little....

That's right...
Makes complete sense...
Memaw, Mimi, Nana,
Grandmother, Granny...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Queen of Scream....

I started my new job this past Monday!
I am now working with our local teaching hospital's pediatric clinic!
I have a job!!!
Full-time not prn!!!
In a month our benefits will begin!!!

So let me introduce you,
to the new "Queen of Scream!"
What, you may ask is that?
Hmmm, well, let me explain...

To ensure all our little young-uns grow up healthy,
we must inflict a little pain...
hemoglobin and lead checks,
bilirubin and pku...
Heel sticks, finger pricks and shots...

Sometimes our babies are sick,
they need a little check up and medicine.
A little cloudy, yellow pee,
A little swab up that runny, green nose,
or down that beefy, red throat.
( Only a nurse could love those adjectives!)

Sooo, I am the one with the...
pee cup,
catheter tray,
or iv...

Don't hate me...
I do it 'cos I love you!
I have prizes....

Just a little secret between you and me,
I hate shots too!
No prize is worth a needle in your leg or
a lancet in your finger....

It's for your own good...
So, close those little eyes...
Yes, mom you too.

Don't peek...
It'll all be over in just a sec.....
And ,
I have these really cool prizes...
And tissues for moms tears....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

~ God Bless America ~

"While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,
Let us swear allegiance to a land that's free,
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,
As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer. "

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

By Irving Berlin

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Train...

This night of familiar joy brought pain,
As gentle breezes caressed my cheeks,
And firefly's flickered on the dusky, evening lane.
The hum of laughter and voices lifted into the air,
While the warm water licked my feet,
As they lazily dangled there.

No premonition of the tears yet to fall,
Pain appeared as a thoughtless guest.
Without a warning, without a call.
A kiss to make it better, childish desires to run away.
Hide and seek with pain and pleasure,
Hide and seek we'll play today.

Dusk fades into the deep purple night.
While in the distance, a train whistles long and low,
Murmuring comfort for this lone stranger's fight.
"You are not alone, dear one, your sorrow is not unique,
Heavy hearts hear me rumble through the night,
Whispering solace to the forlorn and the meek."

The world circles on and on,
Timeless time ticks by,
A wistful spirit groans.
The dawn breaks, a sleepless night turns into day,
Morning stretches out her bright, welcoming arms,
Courage and peace are on the way...

This poem is for all the hurting people alone with their pain tonight.
You are not alone in your difficulties and pain. May God be with you all.

~2 Corinthians 1:3-5~

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.