Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sometimes as you visit around you happen upon such a gem of exquisite beauty that it leaves you speechless...breathless...incredulous that the human condition could produce such musings...Enjoy....

What I believe:

I believe in Jehovah God who created the whirling galaxies, the birds soaring in the sky overhead, the endless crashing waves and all that dances within them. I believe in Father of all who knits together life, made in His very own image, in the secret quiet of our beings.

I believe in Jesus Christ, the One with no earthly Father, with the dust of this earth between His toes, and with our names etched onto the palm of His hands, right beneath the nail scars…Who now sits at the Father’s right hand making endless intercession on our behalf. I believe in the stone rolled away, in the Body being raised, in the first fruits of the dead…and us all following soon, very soon.

I believe in the Cross as our only Hope, our only Claim, and our only Foundation. I believe that in the pounding surf of life we have only one thing to cling to: the feet of our Lord, hanging on that tree, His lifeblood flowing down, washing us whiter than snow.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, moving, whispering, indwelling our very skin. I believe in living by the Spirit, walking in the Spirit, and producing fruit in the Spirit…in the Spirit who helps us in our weakness with groanings that can’t be expressed in words.

I believe in the infallibility of the Bible, God’s Word - a sure Word, a pure Word, the only secure Word. I believe the words on those pages are breathed from the very throne room of heaven, are the love letter penned from the heart of the Lover of our souls; a beacon of light for stumbling feet to find sure footing on a dark path.

I believe there is more than believing. There is living what I believe.

Thus this journal.
~Ann Voskamp

“God is not a belief to which you give your assent. God becomes a reality whom you know intimately, meet everyday, one whose strength becomes your strength, whose love, your love. Live this life of the presence of God long enough and when someone asks you, “Do you believe there is a God?” you may find yourself answering, “No, I do not believe there is a God. I know there is a God.”

~Ernest Boyer, Jr.


  1. "cruci dum spiro fido"
    I've spent 13 years looking at this on my school crest.

  2. Amen, thank you for sharing those absolute, unchanging truths, we need to be reminded of in this age if distraction. I wholeheartedly say, Amen.

  3. Thanks so much for your "I believe" post, very inspiring and renewing. I am a L&D nurse in Texas, a grandma of 9, and run a small B&B with my husband in Utopia, Tx.

  4. Absolutely, stunningly beautiful. Thank you so much for posting this.


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