Friday, July 17, 2009

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." Shakespere

Between school, work, and home,
I have discovered a new level of fatigue.
Yes, "Exhaustion" is my new middle name.
But that's alright with me.
I kinda like the sound of it...
If you add a french accent it sounds quite elegant,
Ex haus Sion...
Well, OK, maybe not...

Moral of the story...
Hang in there, America,
Don't give up...
I heard 70 people applied for this job!

I guess I'll stick with the "Queen of Scream,"
although the "Princess of Pricks and Pokes" has a nice "sting" to it.
Then again, perhaps something simple like, "The Evil One" would be best.
It's fitting.

Today a little fellow that had received shots last week came in with his baby brother,
I didn't recognize him at first...

That's right I stick small people with needles, inflicting pain and suffering, only to forget the little angels later.

Yes, it's a sick, sick pun intended...

Anyway, I noticed that he kept looking at me funny and
he wouldn't follow his Mom into the room.
Then I realized why...
poor thing...
He looked like some frightened little animal trying desperately to evade a predator.

Finally, he slowly inched into the room only to climb into a cabinet and hide!
How sad is that!
Small children now shudder at the sight of me and hide!!!

Yes, disney villians everywhere,
so sorry,
but you have just been ousted by a nurse with a needle!



  1. You hang in there. You are doing great, honorable work.

    Good job,


  2. WOW, congratulations on being the one of 70 disney villans chosen. You rock! Thank you for your heart to help keep our children healthy!
    They will remember you when they are grown up and thank you. . . .even though it's not instant gratification. . . you are giving a fuller, healthier life!

  3. You make me laugh. That really is a gift. Hope you are feeling rested soon. Till then, keep sticking to it. ha.

  4. Like someone else said, hang in there, we need you to do what you're doing for a safer world.


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