Friday, October 2, 2009


Quick summation of a rather , hmmm, annoying week....

1) Got my flu shot...I was very brave. I asked for child life to support me during this difficult time and everyone thought I was kidding? Imagine that? Then, no prize, no sticker; well, I was.....disappointed. I mean I was good, no one had to hold me down. Sniff, sniff, sometimes being an adult stinks.

2) What, and I mean WHAT, was in the air this week with all the cranky and less than appreciative parents?

This trend of grumpiness seemed to appear everywhere I went...In Goodwill two angry mothers yelled and cussed in front of their two innocent wide eyed children and the equally innocent and wide eyed patrons.  Sprinkling the F word loudly and rudely into the air, over and over and over again... I wanted to say something but I figured since she was going to F-ing beat the #*#!! out of who ever was on the phone and the other lady who kept grabbing the phone was gonna help, perhaps I better keep my opinions about their language and parenting habits to myself...Yes, sometimes, I am a coward...

3) When you go to the hospital or doctors office, please realize the nurses and doctors are working as fast as they can. We do not have it in for you! Seriously! Sometimes we will treat the extremely ill before giving your child their immunizations. However, if that extremely sick child were yours wouldn't you like the same consideration?.....Just a thought...

4) Really people, quit acting like a bunch of hillbillies!!! Our culture has become so coarse. Is this necessary? Your nasty choice of adjectives does not impress me, your lack of kindness toward our children does not impress me, bullies have never impressed me. Grow up and mind your manners please!

5) Throw in 2 late clinics, no sleep, school work and
and I guess that 'bout sums up the week.

Thoughts on Life:

1) Yes, I have them...

2) Someday we are all going to be old. If you body slam your 4 year old on the table because you are tired of waiting, jerk down their pants and yell, "Get ready, this is gonna hurt..." I wonder is this the type of treatment you will wish to receive when you are older, smaller, frailer and infirm from your grown child? Hmmm....

3) Try and be a good parent...Would you go to work vomiting or with a 102 degree fever? Yet, you send your children to school to infect the rest of humanity until the school nurse calls you to come pick them up. Then, you bring them to the clinic. Really, moms, dads, this is not rocket science! Were we all not instructed to treat others as we would like to be treated, especially the least of these....our children, our future...

4) Everybody should get a boo boo pop, a sticker, or a prize after a shot, just saying....but the freezy spray did help. Thanks :)

Parents Of The Week Award:

Yes, they are out there....

Lastly, to the older mom who came in with her toddler and had every, and I mean every, piece of paper pertaining to her child in a binder. I could have cried. It really was touching. You were so happy to be a mom and obviously so in love with your child. Daddy came in later and they said it might just be a minute before they could leave the room because they wanted to comfort little one after his shots. Thank you for giving me hope during a dark week. You, my dears, receive the Parents Of The Week Award!


  1. Wow, what a week.
    And thank you so much for the good advice you laced throughout this post! I'm serious. It should make us all think!

  2. This IS great advice!!! I have so had weeks like this, they are hard!! People sometimes just get so caught up in themselves and their own situations that they forget there just MIGHT be someone worse off than them. . . wouldn't some of the be surprised!!!

  3. Hi, mi amiga!

    Great post! I'm sorry your week was bad--but, one good thing (I think) is that I will be back in SC next week--so we HAVE to get together and catch up~

    Love you and miss you,


  4. Oh, I am so with you on number three. I get so irritated when my students come to school and make me and all my other kids ill because Mom doesn't have the sense to keep them home. Of course, then I feel badly when I think of all the single parents without paid sick leave. Still...


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