Monday, September 7, 2009

School, Work, Flu, Labor Day, and Taxes....Yep, that about covers it!

OK, OK, I confess,
I've been blog hopping, reading, and visiting...
just a tad.
Catching up on my peeps,
while school work looms heavily over my shoulder.

There is a more descriptive word for this behavior,
And I am darn good at it!
However, in the words of Miss Scarlett,
"Tomorrow is another day..."
 Thank goodness!

 Tomorrow, actually is a holiday.
Labor Day,
a day to honor the American laborer.
And one thing is for certain...
I am a laborer!

The last two weeks the flu has begun to rear its ugly head,
with a vengeance,
I'm bone tired...

We have commemorated it's arrival with new attire;
we look something like this...

Yellow gown,
face mask,
goggles or glasses,
just a bit haggard...

There is a mask for me
and one for you...
It's a little hard to breathe,
perhaps that's the point.

Our new slogan,
"Just Don't Breathe!"
Did I mention the yellow gown?
Sometimes they were blue...
The kids loved them...


thank you to all my fellow laborers;
who work tirelessly day in and day out,
 for their families 
and country.
  We appreciate you!

After all,
where would our government be
without your hard earned tax dollars!
Cynical, I know...

Enjoy your day America,
get back to work!
Whining will not be tolerated!

For information on this holiday:


  1. Amen, whining will not be tolerated! Enjoying life from our labor is a gift from God. I wish more in the U.S. understood that. Our government is supposed to work for the tax payer and can't make a dime on their own, but can spend our dimes faster than we can earn them. God raise up the entreprenurial spirit that birthed America and labored so hard for their family and community. Hope y'all are flu free now :)

  2. Thanks, Robin, actually I think this mess at the clinic is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay well! Deanna

  3. A labor of love from you, my friend. Thanks.

  4. Amazing amount of topics in one post! :)

    So far we haven't seen any signs of flu here. Hope it stays that way! We don't have time to get sick!... ;)

  5. We have had a touch of the flu also. Hope you feel better.

  6. You always make me laugh.

    Thanks for that.


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