Saturday, August 29, 2009

Southern Drawl...

This past week at the beach
a young lady looked at Baby Girl and told her she had an "accent."
Where upon my daughter politely responded,
"I know, I get it from my Mama and I'm proud of it!"

You go Baby Girl!
That young'un sure has gumption,
a smart dose of good old fashioned Southern charm,
a perfectly sweet and natural Southern drawl!

Really, though, if the truth be told
we are from the South;
vacationing in the South.

When you venture below the Mason-Dixon line,
be forewarned...
It will be you with the accent!

Hence, the pen name Southern Drawl.


  1. Southern Drawls are beautiful!!!

  2. I agree! I love the southern accent! I'm still working on getting my Yankee husband to throw a ya'll into the conversation. It'll happen one day.

  3. Ya'll are such a sweet, funny family. I love hearing about Baby Girl and her confidence.

  4. I do love me a good southern accent! Hope you have enjoyed your vacation!

  5. Deanna, I so agree!
    Beth, one day maybe...'cept it would probably "sound" funny...
    Thank you, Relyn, they are "funny" for sure!
    Yep, Amy, couldn't agree more.

  6. Baby girl sound so cute! I love all the beautiful pics too...

  7. I'm sure you have a beautiful accent! Every once in awhile we get students from the south with an accent and I love it, also love when they call me "Mam." I'm like, "Why can't the rest of you be this respectful?!" I wish I could hear my own accent with a fresh ear-hopefully it's not totally a Fargo accent. What a nice blog you have and you are a wonderful writer. I have to steal the Emerson lines-good to read on these busy September days.


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