Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Thanksgiving Challenge

Hello, America, from Nerd Central.
In the midst of my family,
I miss them.

I miss my bloggy friends.
Boo Hoo...
I miss my friend friends...
sniff, sniff...

However, it is Thanksgiving...
Happy, Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I can not remember ever being so excited about this holiday.
I think the older we become,
the more thankful we become.

Please let it be known,
I am so thankful...
my family,
my new job,
an awesome boss,
this beautiful season,
  wonderful work friends,
 faithful friends,
our military,
our nation,

The list could and should go on and on,
there is one more project due,
one last PowerPoint.

I leave you with something beautiful,
and a challenge.

"We can do no great things,
only small things with great love..." 
Mother Teresa 

Look around you, 
Embrace this day,
Your life and breath,
Your place in this world.

Look around and really see your life.
Determine to make your corner of the world
because you are there...

Be present,
Do your small things with great love...
they matter!
 Happy Thanksgiving with love to all...
Internet hugs all around

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  1. Funny. While the family was here today, I remember feeling present in the moment. Just what you described.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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