Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rock And Roll, Baby...

Now y'all know that my favorite leisure activity is to piddle in the yard.
So I am out in the yard doing what I do best, when the grands arrive.
Nana's Boy follows me around with a spade to help.
I hear him say something indistinguishable and I ask,
Nana's Boy repeats his statement, which I hear as," Nana you ..."
At this time Ma steps in to translate...
"Nana you rock!"

Oh, my goodness. Well, that takes the cake.
I rock!
In 26 years with my own 6 children,
I have been told I'm quite a number of things but never have I been told that I rock.
Well, I'm not one to play favorites but at this moment in time Nana's Boy wins, hands down.
'Cuz I rock ...and that's just how I roll...yeah.
Sorry, couldn't resist, get it? Rock and Roll...

Well, anyway...
this could explain a startling statement made by a brand new grandpa a few years back. He picked up his
brand new grandchild looked straight at me and said, "Now THIS is why we keep our children!"
At the time I just thought...O.K.
a little questioningly.
However, now-a-days I think perhaps that fellow may have had something there...seriously.
My children have been known to try the patience of a saint (that would be me).
I never actually entertained the idea of giving them away.
On the other hand, I have entertained the idea of running away, going on strike or fleeing to
another dimension.
Haven't we all?
Well, now here it is, the reason we stay,
in a word,


  1. WOW! You do rock! I've read somewhere. . . "out of the mouths of babes?" YEAH!
    Well, you should be a proud Nana! Congratulations. . . on how you 'Rock and Roll'!

  2. Thank you, Sharon, corny I know but I couldn't resist... :D

  3. It's not the least bit corny, it's adorable that he feels that way about you, his Nana!

  4. When your children or gandchildren can honestly say that "you rock!", well that is when you know you have arrived. Arrived at what I'm not sure. . maybe to being the way cool grandma that everykid wishes they had! How fun!!! Congratulations on ROCKING!!

  5. Aren't grands wonderful! I can tell you love yours, and we love ours.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm having a little trouble with my 'reader' so I haven't be able to add you to the blog roll, but I've bookmarked you and will visit. I'm sure things will get back to 'normal' one of these days.

    These computers can cause lots of stress sometimes.

  6. Thank you Jane, One Nurse, and Yes Linda, I think that's why their called "grand" children! Seriously...

  7. My son has repeated asked that I remove the Mommy Curse from him...he has a little girl who is just like him in every respect, including devilment! I adore her!

  8. Don't lift the curse, Sandi. It is just too fun watching them shake their heads in confusion... :D


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