Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Babysitters and Other Super Heroes....

This evening, while we're eating, I don't know why but we started talking about babysitters. Goodness knows through the years, we have had quite a few! I guess it's the hillbilly thing...

It started way back after our first was born...Everyone who knows her, can't believe we had anymore children. Seriously, I'm not joking. It's true she was quite the little "pistol". It's funny these days when her baby girl gets mad and bangs her head...My daughter looks at me and asks, "What in the world? Where does this come from..." Hmmm, where indeed....

Back in the day, we would return from evenings out to find the sitter with her head in her hands telling us she wouldn't be back...Why, oh, why, couldn't we have normal kids...you know the ones people don't run from in terror like some crazy "B" movie.

Eventually, the older children became babysitting age. This was nice; finally a little freedom... CK was the best. The younger children loved her. Later, as she acquired a life of her own, T began to watch everyone for us. Hmmm, this is where the story gets interesting. Apparently, the minute he shut the door behind us, he would banish all remaining underlings up to the bonus room to serve out their time. If you were brave (crazy) enough to come down you would be put to work cleaning...No one ever told because they were sure he would exert revenge...

In his defense, our crew could be a handful...Once when E was 2 or 3, he wandered down the street unnoticed by a distracted babysitter. His older siblings rescued him. Another evening, the house was almost burned down when one of the toddlers turned the tub jets on and the motor burned up. No one noticed until we, the parents, returned home to a house full of smoke. On a separate occasion, we returned to find all my husband's ties had been thrown on the ceiling fan blades from the balcony above....No, we did not get out a lot. When we did; the babysitters received "combat" pay.

We're eating, talking and laughing. CK feigns righteous indignation at her brother, "How could you do that to them...I was such a good sister to you..." Here the evil one laughs and reminds all involved that when he babysat everyone was fed, breathing and safe when Mops and Pops returned home. No one ever wandered off or had any other adventurous escapades when he was in charge! Well, I guess not... only so much one can do from prison...Hmmm, perhaps that is the key...fear and imprisonment..at least no chains or beatings were employed...


  1. LOL you have the best stories!

    BTW, I tagged you in my latest post...check it out when you get a chance!

  2. Thanks, K, actually some of these shenanigans I hear about later, years later, over the holiday dinner table...sort of like some laughing confessional or tattle tale session...I'm horrified but it's too late... :)

  3. Oh, my. I know the conversations around your dinner table must be nonstop laughter.

  4. Oh my, that whole tie in the ceiling fan thing. My sister and I used to throw those up at the ceiling fan to watch them zoom across the room! Total fun and it's a wonder we didn't completely tear the fan apart! Whew, what trouble that would have caused!

  5. Love your stories! I remember a few babysitters I had. . .then I remember even more some of the children I babysat and ended up with that deer in the headlight look, when their parents returned home. Wish some of them paid "combat" pay.


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