Friday, June 5, 2009

No Special Hugs, Thank You ; Just Kittens, Please...

A few years back, I was working night shift. Our oldest daughter was expecting our first grand child and our youngest daughter was almost 6. One day as I am leaving for work Baby Girl asks the obvious question, "How did that baby get in Ma's tummy..."
Good question!

Of course at this moment I'm trying to walk out the door for work. Quickly trying to think of a one sentence, simple explanation, I explained that when Mommy's and Daddy's love each other very much there is a "Special Hug" that plants a baby in the Mommy's tummy.
I was pretty satisfied.
It was simple and to the point.

Later, I heard that while I was gone Baby Girl had cornered her older siblings and her father demanding to know the details of this "special hug".
I guess, as one of my older daughters explained, it probably was a little unnerving to think that you could hug someone and suddenly look like that?!!
I really loved how everybody assured Baby Girl that Mom would settle this confusion when she got home! Thanks, guys!

Next morning,
I am met a the door, literally, by a curious and confused daughter with concerns!

So I get "the book" to explain this mystery of nature.
Quietly, Baby Girl sits and absorbs the content as I read to her a truthful but not explicit version of where babies come from and how they are born.
After finishing the book (I think it was by Mr. Rogers), I asked if she had any questions, if she understood? "No," she didn't have any questions . "Yes," she understood; she answered and was off.

Definitely not the organized routine I had hoped for but it seemed to work...So I figure that is it for a while....

The next day Baby Girl sat down to breakfast and relayed a conversation she and now newlywed had engaged in. Briefly, Baby Girl had reviewed her newly processed information and had decided that it looked like this whole process could be quite uncomfortable so according to her "When CK and I grow up and we get married,; we have decided there will be no "special hugs" we're just going to have kittens."


Yes, I kept a straight face barely...

I love how :
1) They were going to grow up and
2) They were going to get married but
3) There would be NO special hugs and
4) they would just have kittens.

As you can well imagine, CK's fiance who is allergic to cats scoffed at this idea ...
I really didn't see the problem,
sounds like a plan to me!


  1. Oh, how cute! I think it is actually easier to raise kittens, too!

  2. Don't you just love the inocense of children and their inquisitive minds. I agree with Pastor Sharon, kittens might be easier and definately a whole lot less expensive.

  3. Really a wonderful post. Thank you for your kind comment on my Camera Critters photo!

  4. Yep, got four of them,but they are not cats with kitten personalities.

  5. Hi Deanna,
    Hope all is well with you!
    The picture of the kitten is darling. I love kittens, but am allergic to cats!

    No special hugs here!!!

    I attended a virtual Tea Party today and had so much fun that I wanted to extend an invitation to you to come over to my blog and have a spot of tea on the porch.

    Hope you'll drop by,

  6. Blessings to you, Deanna!
    Good morning.
    So glad you dropped by for tea.

    Absolutely, I will be praying for you and your family. Starting right now.
    God bless,

  7. Thanks for the 'special' hug!

    I am on the road, using my son's computer. Isn't
    technology wonderful? I only had 80 blog entries to open this morning. If I wait until we get home, I'll be way behind!

  8. LOL...How funny! She sounds adorable...I like the idea of having kittens instead!

  9. Hilarious! Again. You have me laughing and smiling and utterly delighted. I thought you got pregnant by french kissing (didn't know what it was called then - just that nobody kissed me that way) your husband. ICK! I thought that till I was nine.


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