Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh, wouldn't the world seem dull and flat with nothing whatever to grumble at? ~W.S. Gilbert

One exam down and one to go...I was up most of the night studying for the algebra final. Tomorrow is statistics. I am going to be so glad when these classes are behind me. I bet y'all will be glad too. No more whining!!! Well, at least not about math...

I should not whine at all, but I must confess I do. Wow, I feel better now that this tawdry little secret is out. Whew...

Anyway, I sent my teachers thank yous for their unending patience. However, I thought you might enjoy my post script to my statistics professor.

P.S. Dr. C,
I will never look at any data or polling information the same way again. The intelligent thing to say is that now I will be more critical and well-informed. However, the truth of the matter is I will forever be eternally grateful to the people who can live through the process of producing data to enlighten us without shooting themselves....

And that's the truth!


  1. Good luck on your exams!

    Funny postscript...

  2. Congratulations on the one down, one to go! I got through my Pastoral Care and Counseling Final Exam tonight. It turned out that we had to read a two paragraph story and write our analyzation about it. My essay was 7 pages long. Holy cow. . . I have just decided nothing is that deep!!!!!! I am sending angels with you to the stats exam. I agree with your postscript! Hang in there!

  3. lol! one more you can do it!!

  4. LOL on your postscript!

    Luck on your final!

  5. I'll be thinking of you. And saying a prayer for blessings, too.


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