Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning..."

Jesus, be with my patient tonight,
The day has been long,
The labor hard,
She is so tired.

She has been a valiant warrior,
combating fatigue and pain,
to try and bring her son into this world.

You who author all life,
You who hold every tomorrow in your hand,
Please send your angels to guard this one,
Grant strength, comfort, peace and health.

Be with all who care for her tonight,
Give them great skill and wisdom,
Equip them in every way.

As your word says,
"weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning."


  1. Beautiful, heart warming poem. Good wishes for your patient.

  2. UPDATE: Pt. is doing well. She delivered this morning...a line backer apparently...that explains a lot... :)

  3. How comforting to know that nurses pray for the comfort and care of their patients. And, it's good to read your comment and know that both mother and child are okay, well at least the football player is. Mom may take a while to recover from delivering a Dallas Cowboy!

  4. Well, I am not a Christian, but I enjoyed this post because (and I have never admitted this before!) that often before deliveries I say a little prayer to God in my head for everything to work out well.
    I like to feel that me and the nurses are not alone in caring for my patients. =)

  5. Well, Kirti, that can be our little secret. You keep saying those little prayers. We are not alone...thank goodness! :)

  6. SD, somebody was praying this for me w/ the delivery of my 3, & I am so very, deeply grateful (HELLP syndrome 3 times).

    You L&D nurses do more than anyone will ever know. Thank you.


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