Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nate the Great, My Hero

This is the first blog I have typed since Nate fixed my computer. This is my Mother's Day gift and if it works, it is the best! Really even if if doesn't work, it's the best because of the thought and effort behind it.

This computer has the wacky ability for the cursor to jump all over the board while you are typing. And since I hunt and peck, albeit very efficiently; it is very annoying! Nate is pacing around me as I type. He is our resident computer genius and W.O.W. /World of Warcraft expert. However, around here we call it the World of Warcrack for the obvious addictive reasons! Nate is a level 80 priest and a mage... whatever that is! And apparently that is supposed to be top secret...shhh. He is also a member of the alliance, the good side, which is also a secret...shhh.

Anyway, he came home from co-op really tired today after exams. I was on the internet looking up new computers and prices which definitely got his attention. He then groaned and took the computer from me to try and fix it. Where upon I very subtly, with all the southern grace and charm I could muster, yelled at everyone else reminding them, "Hey, Sunday is Mother's Day and I would love to receive what I ask for every year and NEVER get... a clean house!"

About that time I turned to Nate and said if you can fix this that can be your gift to me. I have been typing all this time and Nate has been pacing and it has only done it once at the beginning and I'm so hoping I hit something by mistake. In the past it would do it every few words. Sooo this is great! Kudos to Nate. You are my hero!!!!
Now back to the clean house... hey, where did everybody go???


  1. Congratulations to you and Way to go Nate the Great!

  2. Hey, how is your mom and school?

  3. Hey thanks for asking, I responded on my blog. Guess I left your site too quickly. Anywho, Since I wrote such a long post, I will save space on yours. How are you doing? Are you done with school for a while or are you taking summer classes?
    Also, remember my apology post? I had a lovely conversation with my dear friend. We both discovered from that past there were wounds that appeared to be closed but were infected on the inside. And, we decided together and in agreement that I continue to post the story of the kids (my siblings and me). My thought with the blog was that if someone reads it and it helps them get through some stuff we've been through, maybe they won't have to feel their way through the dark like we did. I have been writing that story in book form and am trying to finish it for publishing. I have a little bit more to go. Anywho, it was refreshing to work through that little bump in the road and be on the same page together.

  4. You're killing me Smalls! Why was it that we were forced to do all those strange typing computer games to make us learn and you still chicken peck?! This is unacceptable! I will have Nate pull out those games (especially the space one.. it was actually pretty fun) I spend my entire day typing on a computer so thank you for forcing me to learn.. but now it is your turn!

    Think of how quickly you could write your wondrous blogs!

    Also, good job Nate on fixing the computer... he is so good with computers it blows my mind!

    On a side note... I am playing in our annual flag football game tomorrow for work... if anyone wants a good laugh you can join Mr.. Newlywed on the sidelines.

    Then I, The Force that I am, will come clean your house.. on one condition. You may NOT sit there and complain about the things I throw away/how I do things. If you can agree to this I will clean for you and you may watch the video J is making of the game and have a good laugh.


  5. We all need heroes :)
    I married mine !

  6. haha..I love how you reveal his W.O.W secrets...too funny...
    He sounds like a great kid--very thoughtful...


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