Friday, May 1, 2009

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! ~Dr. Seuss

E. and Baby Girl are building forts with the grands in the den.
Every blanket we own is draped between the chairs and coffee table.
The house is indeed a mess for those over 18 and at the same time a magical world for those under 10. I hear them crawling here and there, creating more rooms...I remember...don't you?

Forgotten Language
by Shel Silverstein
Once I spoke the language of the flowers,
Once I understood each word the caterpillar said,
Once I smiled in secret at the gossip of the starlings,
And shared a conversation with the housefly
in my bed.
Once I heard and answered all the questions
of the crickets,
And joined the crying of each falling dying
flake of snow,
Once I spoke the language of the flowers. . . .
How did it go?
How did it go?


  1. Aw, childhood is really magical...Thank God for motherhood because we get to re-live it (at least a little bit) yet again!

  2. Love those blanket forts! My son built those in our living room with all the chairs and furniture and friends and flashlights and. . . memories. It used to remind me to remember when. Thanks for sharing and especially for adding Shel Silverstein. He was my favorite poet as a child and at the top of my list as an adult! By the way, "The Mom" is doing well. I am staying here with her tonight. Each family member is taking shifts. She is restless and achy. Her level of pain is beginning to be manageable. She will move to another floor from CVPC ICU tomorrow. Yeah!!! And I will go home and take a turn to rest.

  3. I love Shel Silvertein. We used to read it to my son when he was little. Some of my fondest memories of playing as a child was turnging my WHOLE bedroom into a fort. I could take every blanket in the house and run them from bed to bookcase to dresser to chair to closet door. As soon as you walked into my room you couldn't move unless you were under the blankets crawling on your knees. It was great fun, however I always hated cleaning up afterwards!!! Thanks for jogging my memory!


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