Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You might be a redneck if...

I love Jeff Foxworthy. He is so funny. My husband and sons have been out shooting bees. Every year carpenter bees come and drill into our house. It is so annoying, not to mention destructive! Apparently after hunting them down with tennis rackets, pesticides, and various other weapons of mass destruction,
they have decided that a 22 rifle filled with shot cartridges works best.
Uh huh, so, you might be a redneck if and yer boys shoot bees with a 22...Yeah, that's how we roll...our poor neighbors....


  1. Man, ya'll must be really good shots to hit bees with a 22! Just saying.

  2. How funny...I can picture it!

  3. I'm jes hopin' somebody gets a prize or somethin' for whoever hits the most bees. You really gotta be good ta do that!

  4. hahaha i wish i could have seen that! I agree with Gaston Studio, they must have a good shot!

  5. Made me laugh too !
    "The First Sergeant" has just experienced the same problem, wood bees drilling into the eaves of his brand new workshop...
    I'll have to tell him, forget the pesticide, get yourself a rifle :)


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