Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who, being loved, is poor? ~Oscar Wilde

"I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife."
~Author Unknown

The newlyweds arrived home from their cruise last night. Now mind you, the newlyweds have been married since 2007, but it's still so sweet seeing them together.

"Come, let's be a comfortable couple and take care of each other! How glad we shall be, that we have somebody we are fond of always, to talk to and sit with." ~Charles Dickens

Nothing makes a mother happier than seeing her children happy and nothing can make you love and appreciate someone more than when they love, honor, and protect your daughter. Thank you son; we always knew you were a keeper!

"When the one man loves the one woman and the one woman loves the one man, the very angels desert heaven and come and sit in that house and sing for joy." ~The Brahma Sutras

We watched their video documentary of the cruise; it was hilarious. We laughed and laughed.
Thank you both for sharing your joy...

"There is no such cozy combination as man and wife." ~Menander

J. you are awesome and such a perfect addition to our family! I am so lucky I got another super, awesome son!

"A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short." ~Andre Maurois

The best part, this one I didn't have to birth! Kudos to his mom and dad...

"One of the best things about marriage is that it gets young people to bed at a decent hour." ~M.M. Musselman

Oh, so true...


  1. I'm sure that last quote was directed at me! I like it. That is true however I think my job is to blame. 8-6 used to seem so ideal, but now it seems so long.

    I'm glad y'all enjoyed our video... we had so much fun making it :)

    You know, I was so ready to get away! I just wanted to be out of work and away from home so badly... just for a break. After that cruise, I have never been so happy to see my own front door. Leaving is fun for about 48 hours but then it really makes you appreciate and miss HOME & all of the people there waiting for you!

  2. Oh, this is very touching...I love the quotes too...


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