Saturday, April 25, 2009

Letter to my Son

Who is this child of mine?
Who is he now?
Part boy, part man,
A stranger at times.
Yes, a stranger sometimes...

I watched you play,
with child like innocence.
You captured my heart,
Never again to be my own.
No, never again...

If I had known the sacrifice,
If I had known the pain,
Would I have chosen this life?
Would I?
Yes, yes, indeed...

Only a heart devoted,
Can be hurt,
Neglected and misunderstood,
In time I will forget,
Yes, in due time...

Someday, in a moment, unaware,
Your heart will be stolen too,
It is inevitable,
Love at first sight,
Yes, love at first sight...

Our children do grow up,
They must,
The ties that bind stretch and strain,
They move away...
Yes, they move away...

Suddenly, you realize,
What you could not know before,
Yes, you realize,
And it hurts.
Yes, it hurts...

It will be all right,
It is worth the pain,
Someday they grow up, I say,
Someday they will know.
Yes, someday...

Finally, the circle is complete,
For I know you,
And you know me,
Strangers no more, we understand.
Yes, we understand...


  1. How incredible it is, this bond between a mother and her son. What an amazing post, deep, rich, and beautiful.

  2. Concur with Pastor that your poem is deep, rich, beautiful and very accurate between mothers and sons.

  3. GREAT poem...I can really relate to it! It's so true...


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