Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Lemonade Stand Award

Thank you so much to Gaston Studio! This is my first award! Cover your ears, HIP- HIP -HURRAY... YIPPEE... WHOOO- HOOO ! The Lemonade Stand award is to be given to “people who have good attitude or a sense of gratitude” The goal is to pass it on. Hmmm....That is the hard part...Everyone's blogs are awesome.

After much thought, I am passing this award on to some very special places to visit:

Dances with God

Come Sit By My Fire

Heartbeats of Faith

Birth of a Notion

Leaving Excess

So pack your bags, ladies, and start visiting.


  1. To be among such amazing writers, story tellers and those of you with amazing intelligence, this is an honor to be nominated. Thank you for the nomination. And I must say, You deserve this award! I love your blog! Your stories, your insight, your inspiration all give me words to live by and thoughts that hold me and encourage me! Congratulations!

    And since I am so new at all this, is there something else I am supposed to do? Forgive my naivity.

  2. WOW, this is amazing!! Thank you so much!!! I had another blog for a while and used it much as a personal journal. This blog was a new venture for me and I am so loving it! However, with my other blog I don't think I was ever nominated for an award. Is there somehting I am supposed to do with this? Does it get passed along or what. I am so sorry, I am just not up on this part of blogging. AND I feel honored that people are even reading what I have to write about!! Thanks so much! I love you blog as well and you do deserve this awared!

  3. No darling, enjoy, you deserve it! Now copy and paste the award to your site somewhere; kind of like a little trophy so others can see your merit as they travel through blog land and visit you! Next just make a post like mine if you want and pass it on :)

  4. If I'm not making a lot of sense I'm sorry. I'm not that great at this either. There are a lot of awards floating around out there...A Tidings of Magpies has a lot. Gaston Studio ( thank you again Gaston I'm humbled ) has several...Once you win I think the idea is to put the award on your site in a gadget and keep it i.e. the trophy. Also put it in a blog with your favorite sites so they can come and pick it up (i.e. copy and paste). After that I just left comments for y'all. This generates traffic as people visit other peoples favorites and you find new places to visit. That way finding places you enjoy isn't such a shot in the dark. So next time we visit I'll check out your favorite blogs. Now I'm sure that's as clear as mud!!! We see my short comings loud and clear...don't make me write directions!!!

  5. First of all, congratulations!!! This is a very well-deserved award for you--I really enjoy your blog particularly because of all the positivity I feel when visiting it, in the stories, quotes, images, etc. It is truly fabulous...
    Secondly, thank you so much! I am shocked that I'm included on your short list and very flattered...I will definitely check out the other winners and share the award at some point. I might take a little while since I'm still exploring other blogs...but, the first thing I'm going to do is paste this sucker on my right hand column (with a link to you, of course!) =)
    Many thanks...

  6. Thanks for the shoutout, so glad it made you happy. And I might add, if you don't mind, that if someone receives this award, they aren't required to pass it on but may do so by notifying their chosen recepients and by posting them on their blog.
    It's a wonderful way, you said, to place attention on bloggers that others may not have visited as yet! I'm going to visit your choices over the next couple of days.
    Thanks again for the shoutout, always appreciated.

  7. Oh, Southern Drawl,

    Thank you so much. You are kind to think of me and offer this lovely tribute. Thanks to for your linky love. Some of your wonderful readers have already stopped by to say, "Hello." I must say, I do appreciate you.

    Even the name of your blog makes me smile. I spent my teen years in Tennessee,but have been gone from the South for 15 years. I miss it. And, I miss my own southern drawl. I miss having people who "ya'll" me and don't make faces when I "ya'll" them.


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