Sunday, April 5, 2009


Tonight, the house is filled with young boys who pooled their money to rent Wrestle Mania. The organization really was remarkable. Some brought the sodas, some the chips; we provided the pizza and the place. The labor unit was quiet all weekend, so much so that I was called off 2 days in a row! Tonight as we attempt to keep Wrestle Mania on the television and not on the living room floor, the hospital're kidding , right? Alas, life can be so ironic...


  1. Sounds like they had it all planned out. Good on them!

  2. What a hoot:>)Life doesn't get much better than sweaty men on the ropes and some hot pizza, cold cola.

    Sorry, yet glad your hospital called. My unit's been orienting L&D and NICU RN's--cross-training--as are the other ICU's. Baby census has been down. Talk of layoffs is in the air. Happy for every day of work for everyone.


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