Saturday, April 18, 2009


Nights seem to drag on endlessly lately as I struggle to finish algebra and statistics while simultaneously stalking every job available like some beastly predator. I hate this feeling of desperation. I guess in that respect these courses have kept my attention diverted from the immediacy of the need for full time employment. That is good. I will plan to go to school forever if necessary. Never again do I ever want to be at the mercy of so many.

Work has been slow but with exams only 2 weeks away I can use the time. Ma is much better. Today was her 26th birthday...where does the time go? We watched the children for her so she could clean her apartment. You know your daughter's growing up when she uses her alone time to clean! Seems like only yesterday I could not see her bedroom all.

Later this month when the newlyweds get back from their cruise we are going to celebrate. One things for sure with 6 children and 2 grands; there's always a party somewhere :) Sleep tight, America, as they say "life is good" but it's also really, really hard sometimes...


  1. So sorry you're feeling a bit down right now; job hunting is a bitch, for sure! I would have thought that people would be knocking down your door, having a medical background and all. They just announced in NC a shortage of medical personnel, so maybe you should think about relocating. I've got two guest rooms!

  2. In moments like this, it is when our character shines. And. . . that doesn't make any job show up for you (I know that to be true!)
    So, for what it's worth, because I'm not sure if there is anything I can offer for help in that area, It does my heart good that you comment on my blog. Thank you for your interest in my stories.


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