Monday, April 27, 2009

Conspiracy of the Band of Brothers

Before this recent swine flu concern, there have been other flu scares through the years....

One year when the children were much younger, the public was warned to get vaccinated. Being a dutiful, health conscious mother, I explained the flu concerns and the solution to the children. Needless to say no one was enamoured with the plan to inoculate ourselves for protection. Really, being stuck with a needle goes against every child's sense of self preservation.

Every objection was quickly over ruled, however, and every one was loaded in the car for a trip into town. Once at the doctors, we were ushered into the lab. I was holding Baby Girl while everyone milled around casually. Nothing seemed amiss, until the unsuspecting nurse entered the room...

Suddenly, someone barked a command and the volley began... All 3 boys began pelting the nurse with acorns from their pockets. Shocked, I called for them to stop, however the attack continued until their pockets were empty. The girls innocently stood by smirking. Helplessly holding Baby Girl, I just stood there in shocked disbelief. Speechless, I hardly knew how to respond. I stammered an apology however, after a few choice words the very unhappy nurse turned and left the room.

The boys cheered and laughed. Their mission, carried out with military precision, was deemed a success. Meanwhile, the nurse went to report the juvenile delinquents in the lab and get reinforcements. I ordered them to pick up the acorns while questioning what they had been thinking....What indeed.... the consensus was that it was self defense.

Eventually the nurse returned and everyone took their shots. However, there remained an air of defiance in those young faces, a look of smug satisfaction. This small band of brothers had faced the enemy and while they did not win the war. They had stood their ground bravely. It was a victory if only in principle. Never again would anyone ever underestimate their resolve or their valor...


  1. Wow! I wish I had big brothers like that who would have pelted the nurse who gave me the small pox vaccination! Your sons are my new heroes!

  2. Great story! Admirable and swift actions and reactions from all.... except you, left holding Baby Girl with your mouth open, I'm sure!

  3. Great story. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. That is some good planning on the part of those boys!!! I have to say I am glad I wasn't that nurse, and I probably would have laughed at it, if I HAD been that nurse! This is too cute! Poor mommy left holding the baby and really. . . what can you do?


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