Thursday, March 5, 2009

Homeschooling Thoughts...

Why homeschool ? There are as many different reasons for homeschooling as there are families. There are also as many different ways to home school as there are parents! More than anything, it is a way of life. For us it has been such a blessing...
Hazy summer days hanging out finding all kinds of critters. Look them up, journal about them, and let them go. In the evening we would all clump together in the den and read aloud from The Hobbit. Lively discussions followed the reading and you guessed it, journaling.
Some nights we would drag all kinds of blankets outside and watch the stars and meteor showers but remember... follow up these adventures in your journal. You could draw or write whatever you wanted but be prepared to go over it later with the "teacher." Spelling and grammar (which often was horrendous) would be reviewed and corrected.
Of course, there was real "reading, riting and rithmatic" for each child on their grade level but history and science were generally unit studied as a group. Despite all the occasional groaning which occurred at that time, I find it humorous today that the newlywed and T both love to write and are quite good.
Tomorrow I'll publish great getting started books and some of the different curriculum's we've enjoyed.

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