Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great sorrows cannot speak. ~ Dr. John Donne

They found the small one in a a nearby river; in a moment of child like glee he had wandered off...Life is so unpredictable, so full of sorrow, grief, difficulty. I take comfort that pain is not random. It is part of a plan that I can not know...right now. One can not live without loss...loss of life, friends, family, houses, jobs, security, money. The list is endless. If we can possess it; we can lose it. Hang on...


  1. I have been following that story at work. I just cannot imagine what that family is going through right now. My heart just went out to them when I saw they had found his little body. I just cannot fathom. You are so right, when you know there are no true accidents that weren't meant to happen for whatever reason, it doesn't make it hurt less... but it helps you stay strong through the pain.

  2. ps. i stole your peter marshall quote. i love it!


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