Saturday, March 21, 2009

There is Always Hope...And Sometimes Sweet Surprises.......

Today was going to be complicated, no matter what...I think it's called life.
I was to work 11-11. Pops had a job fair to attend and somehow this weekend I had to take a statistics test and study for two more...yeah, complicated.
Before dropping into bed last night, I probably complained more than I explained, that I didn't know how in the world any of this would work out. Actually, I think that is the key. As you will see, it did not work out in this world...exactly.
And just what does that mean? Well, after a too late night, I awoke to the alarm. Instantly I'm thinking ...I would have been called off by now if that was going to happen. I fly through my morning routine. Then, just as I was preparing to leave, literally, just as I'm about to walk out the door, one of the nurses called," Might I want to stay home?"
Are you kidding me? Heck, yeah, I wanna stay home! I'll figure out how to make up the hours later. Needless to say I was amazed, relieved, thankful. The adjectives are as endless as His provisions.
Just a short, sweet reminder, when you don't know what in the world to do; step outside the world just a minute and talk to the one who does! Away I go; all those lovely numbers and formulas await.( This last comment was laden with sarcasm.)

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  1. i was at the house that day! im glad you were able to get your tests done. congratulations on your very high grade!


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