Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where did the time go? Ode to Nate the Great...

Where did the time go?
I am not very sure.
It slipped through my hands,
faded out the door.

It wasn't very long ago,
I caught you in my arms.
A laughing young boy,
 with innocent charms.

Where did the time go?
Goodbye, magic age,
 my fair blonde boy,
has grown tall and sage.

Computers and games,
 replaced trains and things.
A World of Warcraft
battle reigns.

Gone the boy
 in OshKosh blues,
Now in hipster jeans,
and mosh pits too.

Where did the time go?
I confess I do not know,
but the greatest joy of all
has been watching you grow.

We love you Nathan,
Mom and Dad

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