Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why does a child act like a child? Could it be because they are a child...

Alright, quick update.
For those of you who follow this blog,
it occurred to me that you probably think,
awww, what a beautiful family,
how perfect...

yes, we have a 'real' beautiful family,
with the emphasis on real!

We are not perfect
and never will be.

We have stubborn strong willed children that go through phase after phase
just like you...

Given the chance to observe our family,
you would probably recognize...
the 'my parents are so mean' phase,
the 'dare devil' phase,
the 'whats an inside voice' phase,
the more subtle,
'at least my parents have one good child' phase.

let's not forget
the 'tattle tell',
the adorable little 'liar'
my personal, all time favorite
'so and so is so lucky because they have the best parents alive' phase...

These phases eventually progress to the more sophisticated stages of young adulthood
such as the 'know it all' stage,
the 'my parents are so stupid, it's embarrassing' stage,
the 'I'm going to be so much more sophisticated than my country bumpkin parents' stage,
ultimately concluding with
the 'I'm sure I was switched at birth because these people cannot have birthed such an awesome creation of nature as me' stage...

I tell you all this to remind you that children are not adults,
they can not think and reason like adults 
and this is normal...

Someday they will be adults,
and it will come sooner than you expect...
At that time, it will bring with it an easy camaraderie and an immense sense of pride.

Until that time, hang in there and
why does a child act like a child...
because they are a child!

Love and enjoy them...
through their eyes the world is much more beautiful and magical...


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