Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Princess of Quite A lot~

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.
  ~Mary Engelbreit ~

looking out the window,
watching the cool wind blow,
looking around my house, I feel as if I've been gone...
for quite a while...
Spring is almost here,

As I wander around,
straightening the piles of mess
which have accumulated,
it's funny
it just seems so...

Long ago, my sister in law talked about finding a new normals...
Isn't that just life?
Over and over and over again,
we find new normals.
 If we stop,
we get left behind....

When Steve lost his job,
he found a new normal as Mr Mom.
That must have been excruciating
especially since
 I was less than happy about this change of events...

I was happy before.
I was comfortable before...

I loved being a stay at home wife and mother,
home school teacher and volunteer.
Why, I was a princess, you know.

I still was many of those things,
but now it was different.
Inwardly, I stressed,
I mourned,
I pouted,
and fumed...
I didn't want to change...
and I didn't want things to change at all!

It's funny how often life really doesn't care how I feel.
Apparently, it's not all about me!

 I hasten to add that I believe in a divine plan.
This comforts me tremendously.
 I believe, small as I am,
God has a spot that only I can fill.
And so it seems,
I am still a princess,
just a working one.

I can see His Hand,
in new friends,
in a new vision,
and a plan for the future that never would have happened
had not my life changed,
had not my comfort level and security been shattered completely.

I would not have had to be so rudely awakened had I not been so content,
so comfortable,
so cozy.
Snug as a bug in a rug...

I doubt I will ever like change
but I think I am learning to live with it...
Now, if I can just get a little more settled...
I think I found a new rug...

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