Friday, March 10, 2017

Teeny, tiniest Baby Girl...

The Girl with Sparkles in her Eyes

Such a tiny little girl, with
Pixies dancing in her world.
Dark eyes like a chikapin,
Sparkling, your heart she’ll win.
Secret Garden keeper too
Flowers, sunshine, colors blue.

Pretty princess, lovely girl,
Creator of her fairy world.
Soul as deep as the ocean blue,
Caring child, with a heart that’s true.
Highlights crown her long brown hair,
Which changes like the clothes she wears.

Math, skateboards, not her friends,
But, she will try them to the end.
How can such a tiny girl,
Leader of the Fairy World,
Be so strong, so brave, so kind?
Why that’s what warriors do I find.

And so the precious, Baby Girl,
Swinging, dancing, she will twirl,
A southern spitfire through and through,
Don’t let her light into you,
Now that you are growing up,
You and your spoiled rotten pup,
I’ll hold my breath as you take flight,
Off into the starry night.

We love you CJ!

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