Sunday, August 28, 2011

Remembering the girl...the perfect gift

'as we all know',
there once was a girl...

blonde ringlets,
curls and bows, 
twirly dresses,
little stubbed toes.

a heart of gold,
a spirit kind,
 tender and sweet
baby girl mine.

lots of kittens,
gerbils too,
Sassy, a frog,
and a fishy blue.

the 'number rock',
close your eyes, swing,
Dad and Columbia,
 a Carolina thing!

a school girl and,
a girl scout true,
an Irish visitor,
 other friends too.

 American girls,
friendship bracelets, more,
 the mall, holidays,
  the Limited Two store!

'wada' minute Carrie,
no more monster van for you,
a license and a car,
now you're driving too!

high school, track,
  basketball, friends
 newspaper, cheering,
Yellow Jackets win! 

prom, graduation,
and college, oh my!
Time is going faster now,
It is flying by.

Love, marriage,
a home of your own,
But always our little girl,
though time has flown.

It may seem so far away,
but really it was just yesterday...

Happy 25th Birthday to my biggest baby girl...


  1. Sweet blessings to you!
    Your daughter is lovely. Time flies. The memories delightful!

    God bless,

  2. Thank you, Deanna. I miss you all. Please be praying; I have a huge job interview at a Christian university Friday am! Also, good Lord willing I graduate in December!

  3. It all goes so quickly doesn't it? Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful girl.


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